Every journey starts with an initiation and leads to a new adventure. Not a year in a life time, but a lifetime in a year.
And it isn't all true #YouOnlyLjubljanaOnce, but you also have #onlyoneThursday in a week and that is #CrazyErasmusThursday. A day of celebration where everthing is possible and zig-zagging home is a no-no till early morning hours. A day that all your predecessors had to taste for themselves ... and let us assure you, it gets sweeter with every bite. We will take you on a journey through infamously hidden, wrapped high in the sky, cheesy popular and independently alternative »night out on the town« places. 
Close your eyes and tap your heels together 3 times Dorothy 'coz Ljubljana will sweep you off your feet!

What do Erasmus people, Harry Potter and Barack Obama have in common? They all visited Ljubljana ( psssst it's a true story, we swear🤞) and graduated at some point. But what makes you special is that you will receive your personalized diplomas on January 23 which then you can proudly show to your parents and prove how your time was quality wasted :).
Your last opportunity to quality waste some more time and/or to be waisted will be presented this #Thursday in Metelkova when trashy and great hits of 90's and 00's will be played. by ESN  University Ljubljana