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How? With stepping out of the box and exploring new sights with us.

Who said it was too early for Christmas trips?

AWARD WINNING Christmas Fair,
Sunday 8.12.2019

Zagreb won "The Best Christmas Market  Award"  three years in a row being declared as the most beautiful Christmas capital in Europe, not to mention the entire city is turned into fair.  Walking from one side to another won't leave you aloft, especially not with a bite of traditional food and a cup of mulled wine.  By all means, do stop at King Tomislav Park and have fun at ice skating. 


Woerthersee, Klagenfurt and Velden,
Saturday 14.12.2019
There is a reason why we added Austria's stunning Lake Woerthersee to our Christmas travelling bucket list. Located in the southern Austrian state of Carinthia, this is one of the region’s largest lakes at around 20km long and 1-2kim wide. Not only we will vists city known for hosting the most traditional Christmas market, we will also get to experience the floating Advent Wreath and a small, Lapland like fair in Velden.

TRAVEL FOR FREE and get paid for it!


 Svet24 and radio Aktual are launching a large project named TURISTIČNA PATRULJA/ Tourists on patrol.The main concept of this project is to include foreign citizens  from all five continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia) in our everyday life. We will be sending exchange  students in pairs to 16 Slovenian cities and  report about your experience every Wednesday in daily newspaper Svet24 and on radio Aktual.You will receive a 150 € of pocket money  to find an accomodation, try local cuisine, see the town's landmarks, meet local people and explore the surroundings. Timelimit for spending entire budget is two days and of course all receipts must be brought back as a proof. At the end of the project  reporters will write an article with photographs of your experiences.The project TURISTIČNA PATRULJA will be exploring the ups and the down sides of Slovenian tourism and because the cities will be seen through the eyes of random tourists and written objectively, the stories will be especially interesting to readers and listeners of our media.The project enjoys a massive support from Slovenian tourist board and Ministry of economic development and technology.


How to apply :

Tel: 01 588 04 49  (int:1449)

GSM: 041 637 585

e-pošta: by ESN  University Ljubljana